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Looking for a job in Kolkata? It’s not difficultto find one if you are equipped with the right job searching tools. If you lovethe humdrum of a city that’s steeped in culture, Kolkata is a great place tobuild a career. A fine blend of antiquity and modernity, Kolkata was thecapital of British India and popularly known as the City of Joy. It comes aliveduring Durga Puja and it’s when you experience the cultural explosion. However,to enjoy the many charms the city has to offer, you need to build a stablecareer in Kolkata. Kolkata is one of the important commercial, cultural, andeducational centers of the country, especially in the Eastern part of India.Kolkata is one of the most populous cities in the country.




What’s thescope of jobs in Kolkata?

Since independence, Kolkata (earlier Calcutta)has come a long way. The city has grown and is among the largest metropolitancities in India. With the growth has come the growing number of jobs that haveattracted job seekers from neighboring states of Bihar and the Northeast.However, it’s not only the neighboring states but the city has an influx of jobseekers from different parts of the country.


Young graduates in Kolkata can find jobs frommanufacturing companies to banks and educational institutions, in theconstruction and pharma industry, and from textiles to tea and steel. Kolkatais among the few cities which is home to some of the oldest companies in India(some of them are running from the times of the Britishers).


The city has such a mix of industries andbusinesses that it is easy to find a job for fresh graduates and as well asexperienced job seekers.


How tosearch for a job in Kolkata?

Make a list of companies you plan to join

Visit the career page of these companies to findany open position

Apply to a job if you find one

If not, send your resume to the company's HR

Visit job portals Like CareerHunts and look forany vacancies in your list of companies

Follow recruiters of your target companies

Create a job alert

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