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Guests Postings

Do you support black employers? A recent survey by found that blacks favour employers. 

 A study of black Americans in a research-led workplace reveals serious injustice. Companies that double their efforts to tackle this will improve the culture of all their  employees.  To solve the 

 problem, you need to understand it. For this reason, McKinsey recently embarked on an extensive research effort to characterize the experience of black Americans in the US workplace. She analysed data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the US Census Bureau, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and other sources. She augmented this analysis with data from 24 companies representing 3.7 million US employees and learned about the experiences of these individual employees through interviews, focus groups, and surveys. 

 The scale of the problems faced by black American workers is very large, and the roots of the problems are deeply rooted. "Inequality is deeply rooted in modern capitalist societies," as explained in a recent article. 1 Many researchers recognize challenges  rooted in the socio-economic and racial history of the United States. doing. 

 We believe that companies wishing to make significant progress face 10 key challenges. Achieving equality for black private sector workers requires tackling many challenges, including geographic, industrial, work-related, everyday workplace and cultural challenges. Given the size and complexity of the challenges, organizations need to work together to identify significant changes. And they will have to act bolder than before.

Site Pro News 

Behavior of a private tennis club on a public tennis court?

 Pat Brothwell states that most politicians are selfish, but few are as straightforward as Madison Corthorn. I used the Opinion section of the Ashville Citizen Times  to write about the far-right school board infiltration, Madison Corthorn's incompetence, and banned books, but ultimately the key topic of public tennis courts. Working on etiquette. 

 Last Monday, my friend and I came to the  tennis courts in Monford Park for a weekly match. Asheville's tennis court rules state that "when people are waiting, there is a time limit of one hour for singles and one and a half hours for doubles." The rules will be  posted on the tennis courts at Weaver Park and Murphy Oakleigh Park, not at Monford. Courts, it is  etiquette that is widely accepted by most public institutions. 

 This sign hangs outside the Weaver Park tennis courts, but there is no sign at Montford Park courts.  When we arrived at the courts, there was a father and son duo playing, along with an instructor and his teenage student. We settled in to wait, noting a group of pickleballers “in line” before us. 

 When the father and son finished their game, the pickelballers got up to claim their court, but one woman, ostensibly the "spokespickelballer," approached us and said, “We have a large group coming to celebrate a birthday and technically have the whole court, but I guess since you guys are waiting, you can have the other court once those two finish.” She was extending us a courtesy. However, according to the sign, you can`t reserve the Montford courts for personal use. 

 We smiled politely and then complained  when she left to join a friend. The 

  instructor chose to let us know  what he was practicing, so he must have heard us complain about the claim. "Hi everyone," he said, "Did you know there are other courts in Weaver Park?" 

 The tennis courts in Monford Park do not need to be booked to use. We do, but we told him we like Monford, and we don't mind waiting. 

 "Well, these are the people in question," he patronized. "I have one hour left for her, and each time is 40 minutes." He pointed out that he had one hour of playtime. "But I teach," he said. "And in reality they are children of my clients, so I'm benefiting them." 

 We pointed out that this has nothing to do with the rules of trial. Single is 1 hour for single. He then claimed that "someone" said he was allowed two hours because he only came to town once a week. Well, the words were exchanged and I was right but left. 

 "Thank you, I'm on your side," "Saliva Baller," shouted when the trainer left. A flock of legitimate feathered birds. 

 You know what I`ve done when I`ve wanted to play tennis at a specific time without having to contend with other tenniscourt users? Paid to reserve courts at the Asheville Racquet Club. It costs money, but at least then you don`t have to contend.

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