Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Brush Cutter

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Brush cutters are best suited for cutting grass, weeds, and small bushes. It is a more durable machine than a lawn trimmer and is available with various engines, power, weight, battery options, and manufacturers. A more capable brush cutter machine is necessary for high-density vegetation. If you have the essential tools, you can undertake tasks such as clipping grass, cleaning shrubs, and eradicating smaller trees. A longer shaft can be connected to the brush cutter to enhance its operational range. 

There are several types of mowing procedures that you should be aware of, some of which are:

  • Standard technique:

As the cutting tool moves anti-clockwise, the right-to-left cutting action is recommended. The trimmings fall on the chopped side in this technique, which is the best part of the standard method.

  • Long grass trimming technique:

Two processes need to be followed to trim exceptionally long grass or stubborn weeds. To begin, you must chop the top of the grass by using a brush cutter by following a right to left cutting action (which is your lower pass). Then, simply exterminate the remaining grass.

  • Strip technique for a mountaintop:

To mow a mountain/hilltop, a ‘strip’ technique is used. First, cut a strip parallel to the hill slope, and then go a step higher to cut a strip parallel to the first cut. The strip technique ensures all the grass is mowed. 

  • To trim the obstacles: 

To avoid damaging the small trees/bushes, the mowing line made by the trimmer is the most straightforward approach to navigate right up. 

Tips for Choosing a Decent Brush Cutter 

Now that you know various cutting techniques using a brush cutter machine, let's understand how to choose a decent brush cutter. 

Select a brush cutter machine that is efficient enough to clear the vegetation you want to remove. Go for a machine that is comfortable for the task and has a long service life for professional use. The handlebar should be inclined at an angle relative to the shaft to minimize an uneven load exerted on your back. For the same, we recommend the Stihl brush cutter, which is essentially a backpack with an Autocut & 2T Grass Cutting Blade. It retails at Rs 10,000, but if you buy in bulk on, you can get it at a wholesale price! 

The brush cutter further must have excellent vibration to have enough energy to perform for an extended period without being stressed. The handlebar must be able to be tilted and folded down for more comfortable transit and storage. 

The Stihl brush cutter has more variants ranging from Rs 8,000 onwards. The Stihl manufacturers are specialists for rough terrain. Whether mowing and clearing at home, cutting overgrown patches, or performing difficult maintenance work on steep slopes, Stihl has an extensive product line that offers the ideal tools for any job, from light brush cutters with gasoline to extra-powerful clearing saws for expert forestry use. 

Another intelligent buy for the same purpose is the Honda brush cutter. It retails from Rs 25,000 onwards. They manufacture brush cutter machines meant for heavy-duty work. Being up to 50% economical as compared to 2-stroke engine-based models, the Honda brush cutters are robust and durable

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